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Women's History Month

Updated: Mar 28, 2022

This month at Ivy Center for Education we hosted several virtual events, that were informative and thought provoking for our scholars. To celebrate Women's History Month, we organized a Women's History Trivia as well as selected female speakers for our workshops to present throughout the month. Our awesome presenters included and include, Dr. Rashaeda Brimely, MD, UAMS, who led a demonstration of the dissection of a pig's heart. Attorney Keidra Burrell who educated our scholars on Voter Education and Registration. Ms. Lori Walker who will inform the scholars on Black History of Pine Bluff and Jefferson County and lastly, Dr. Charity Smith - Allen who will host the ACT Boot Camp. We are honored to have these amazing, successful women pour into the Ivy Center for Education as they empower our female scholars to pursue their passions. Happy Women's History Month!

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