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Real Talk Workshop

"Real Talk" was Awesome at the Generator on Main. Christopher Carlock presented a wonderful meditation before the workshops started. The Ladies of Alpha Kappa Alpha the Alpha Rho Chapter at UAPB and the Men of Alpha Phi Alpha the Delta Sigma Lambda Chapter were awesome! Both groups talked about making healthy decisions, peer pressure, conflict resolution and much more. The guys were also taught how to properly tie a necktie and were presented with the necktie as a gift from the Men of Alpha. 

Judge Earnest Brown was the key note speaker. He was GREAT!! He talked about his life and how he initially wanted to become a doctor until the age 11, but later chose to pursue a law degree. He talked about his wonderful family and his love for Pine Bluff and its youth. He talked about the importance of time management, the importance of students going to class and getting a good education. 

He shared with scholars and parents a STAR Guide to decisions: S -Stop T- Think A- Act R- Review Judge Brown encouraged the scholars not to waist their time. More Work over More Fun! He further stated “don’t ever think that you know everything, but to seek out wise counsel.” 

 Scholars who showed an interest in law tonight were Landon Rhodes, Carmello Wilson, and Debra Rauls. 

Other Scholars in attendance: Alexander Walters, Adam Price, Kendal Greenwood, Jalese Allen, Dylan Parker, SaSha Miller, and Sean Perry. Scholars on Zoom: Mariya Greer, Danielle Scarborough and Tiana Butler. Judge Brown currently serves both Jefferson and Lincoln Counties. Scholars interested in joining Teen Court where teens get to see real life cases should sign up at the Juvenile Building located on 2nd Street. Workshop Facilitators from AKA: Madison Powell, Janiya Fellows, Kennedy Stanley and Olivia Garrett. Workshop Facilitators from Alpha Phi Alpha: Brandun Flannigan, Judge Jackie Harris and Frank Dorsey. 

We were also happy to have very supportive parents in attendance!! 

Many thanks to Mrs. Ryles and Mr. Davis at the Generator. 

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